Possible sanctions

This webpage was last updated on 5/11/2018.

Which sanctions can the Disciplinary Committee impose and which not?

The Disciplinary Committee can impose one of the following three sanctions:

  • a warning
  • a suspension from the list of psychologists for maximum 24 months: during this period the person in question may not use the title of psychologist in Belgium, nor practice this profession
  • a definitive deletion from the list of psychologists: the person has to permanently give up the title of psychologist in Belgium and may no longer practice this profession.       

If the psychologist isna\0t of Belgian origin, but from a different EU country, the authorities of his/her country will be informed about the sanction. This is done following European Directive 2005/36/EC. The exchange of information will always be confidential.

Sanctions that are not possible

The Disciplinary Committee can, however, not give a verdict about:

  • claims for compensation
  • the reimbursement of previous sessions
  • requests to review or reject a psychological report

These measures are possible via mediation, provided that the psychologist agrees with this.

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