How to submit a complaint?

If you believe that a psychologist has violated the ethical code, then you can turn to us with your complaint.


The relationship based on trust between a client and a psychologist is extremely important. If you are dissatisfied about the services of a psychologist, you are recommended to first discuss your dissatisfaction with him or her.

If you cannot solve the issue together or you believe that the psychologist has violated the ethical code, then you can turn to us with your complaint. We offer two options:

  • Disciplinary procedure,
  • Mediation.

It is possible to choose one of these options, or a combination of both, whether or not at the same time.

Disciplinary procedure

A complaint procedure via the Disciplinary Committee has a strong disciplinary character. When choosing this option, both parties, the accuser and the psychologist, are not in contact with each other. After receiving the complaint the Disciplinary Committee assesses whether it is actually eligible for a disciplinary procedure. Not until then can an investigation be started. Afterwards, the Disciplinary Committee decides whether the complaint is valid and a sanction is in order. However, the accuser is at this time not informed of the eventual decision.

Anyone can file a complaint, but not all complaints are eligible for a disciplinary procedure. In addition, only three sanctions can be imposed: a warning, a suspension or the deletion from the official list of psychologists.

Read all the information about the disciplinary procedure.


Mediation is an alternative to or additional option for the disciplinary procedure. It is a voluntary process which is why it requires the agreement of both parties. Via mediation, your psychologist and you try to solve the conflict through mutual dialogue. This is done with the help of a mediator recognised by the FPS Justice. The aim is reaching an agreement via one or more talks that both parties can agree on.

The dispute can have several solutions that are not enforced from outside, such as in case of a disciplinary procedure. Furthermore, unlike in a disciplinary procedure, the majority of complaints are eligible for mediation.

If, however, mediation does not solve the problem, it is always possible to instigate a disciplinary procedure. 

If you are in doubt about choosing a mediation or disciplinary procedure then send us an e-mail with your telephone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.